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This is the official wiki for the More Ores Minecraft mod! Use this wiki to find any information you need, including current uses for all the new ores, plans for future development, and current known bugs!

About More Ores

More Ores was created entirely to add more "depth" to the mining aspect of Minecraft for all those who don't play Minecraft for survival. The original idea for the mod was presented by Rarrasdas on the Minecraft forums, and was subsequently undertaken by Nicaetinismo, who is currently the only coder for the mod (although with help from others to fix a few issues); the artist for the mod is VGFreak97, he has created all of the item sprites, as well as moral support and a lot of ideas.

More Ores currently adds 22 ores to Minecraft, and a total of 42 new blocks; More Ores also adds over 80 items (and nowhere near stopping). Most of the new ores are currently only for show, with only a few uses added so far, but Nicaetinismo and VGFreak are nowhere near completion with the mod, so there is much more to be added later! Almost all of the new ores (with the exception of the nether ores, obviously) are based on real-world minerals and

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ores (nano-diamonds are created in laboratories), and although the blocks may not portray how the ores look like in their natural state, they do portray the color of the gem or ore that they represent; hopefully someone will come forward as a texture artist and do the "official" More Ores textures, but, for the moment, these textures are availible as the standard textures for More Ores, while alternate textures will be made availible as texture artists make them.

Only a few more ores have been added on to the original list compiled by Rarrasdas, these include the Volatile Matter block and Nano-diamonds (along with a few others and more that will be added in future updates). World generation has been a set formula up until the beginning of v0.6, but in v0.6 Nicaetinismo gave the users of the mod the ability to not only choose which ores spawn by turning them on and off, but also to change the vein-size and how many veins are generated per chunk, giving full freedom to the users to customize their mining experience. To see list of everything that was added in v0.6 or other versions please visit Versions!

Please enjoy the mod and contribute to the bug list, and please continue to add suggestions!


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